The new outdoor lighting is fantastic for security

I heard there were a couple of break-ins Last week plus I have been very sad about my own lake condo being burglarized while my family plus I are on getaway next week! A lot of people are taking getaways while we were in the summer time plus that makes August plus July the prime time for burglars to enter our lake condo plus take electronics, cash, jewelry, plus other scarce heirlooms, however i talked to a couple of friends that are cops plus I asked them how I could increase security at my home. One of the things that they mentioned was outdoor lighting. Outdoor lighting is honestly fantastic for security. Outdoor lighting with motion detector sensors can also supply an immediate alarm when an intruder breaches the perimeter. I thought outdoor lighting with motion detector sensors was a fantastic idea, plus I wanted to make sure that they could be wired into the plan in our home. I contacted a licensed electrician near me to work on the lighting. I picked out all of the features that I wanted plus I also picked out the exact lighting that I wanted. I chose a traditional category light with a big halogen bulb that lights up 50 ft of the driveway plus the front yard, the people I was with and I also had the licensed electrician put outdoor lighting in the back of the condo as well. The entire neighborhood lights up if there is a person that triggers the light. Thankfully, they are set to only detect big objects adore people, deer, or bears, so we don’t have to worry about squirrels, raccoons, or armadillos.


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