The new roommate helped us figure out how to tune-up our HVAC

In some ways, it was disappointing dealing with roommates back in college. Of course in other ways, I was surprised. It was frustrating getting everybody to do their fair share of the chores around the house. One roommate even lost his job and was trying to rely on everybody else to just carry him along. He ended up owing everybody a lot of money before we all chose to kick him out and get somebody else to replace his room who had a good job and was able to cover his portion of the rent. Well, when the HVAC system was having issues, the new guy asked everybody when we had the HVAC maintenance done last. Everybody just looked at eachother. We claimed that we didn’t have enough money to get HVAC maintenance aside from changing the air filters regularly. He seemed pretty serious and said we were making a big mistake. He explained that the HVAC had to be maintained appropriately. He said he understood the issue with our finances though, but he said that was what online video sites were for like YouTube. He got online and found a tutorial for a proper cooling system tune-up. We all worked on the tune up by getting everything cleaned inside the HVAC after shutting off the power to it. We were careful not to break anything and fortunately our roommate said all the parts seemed to be fine. After we actually performed a tune-up with the help of the new guy, the HVAC wasn’t struggling so bad which was a relief and we were thankful for that new roommate of ours!