The nice HVAC professional helped me finish the HVAC install

When I went looking for help with my HVAC system installation, I ended up finding a local contractor who was running his own business.

He said he sometimes would have his brother help him out with different HVAC projects, but his brother wasn’t NATE certified like he was. I was happy to know he was a certified expert and hoped he wouldn’t give me a hard time about the HVAC install. I actually installed this ductless mini split myself. I didn’t even get a DIY package, I went for a regular one where you have to flare the lines yourself. I actually did a pretty good job with the flaring though and even the HVAC expert said I did good work. He inspected everything and there were no issues. I basically just needed help with the electrical wiring and then charging refrigerant to the line sets. He was more than happy to do this work for me and for a very reasonable price I might add. He even said he would take credit for the HVAC install so that I could get the full warranty. I didn’t think he had to do all that, but he was a very nice guy and he said he couldn’t even tell that this HVAC system wasn’t completely installed by a professional. He also helped me check for leaks in the lines which there were none. It’s amazing because now I have this excellent working HVAC with fantastic energy efficiency. On top of that, I have my full warranty completely intact after it was inspected by the NATE certified expert.

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