The perfect locale to sell undefineds

When I was thirteen, & still in middle school, my parents took us on a family vacation into the south.

The people I was with and I visited various states, hit a lot of the major attractions & theme parks, & spent a lot of time outside.

Although both of us did a lot of fun stuff that summer, my main take-away from it was how unbelievably sizzling & humid it was down south. What a miserable locale to live, I thought! Why would anyone want to live there? Many years later, I realized that those same qualities made it the best possible locale for a certified Heating & Air Conditioning tech to live. My speciality was in refurbishing cooling system units, & so moving into the deep south was a calculated risk that paid off in a big way. Down here every single home, car, & company needs to have powerful cooling system, because of how oppressively sizzling & humid the weather is. With my ability to repair, refresh, & resell gently used s, I appeal to a sizable market of people who simply cannot afford a gigantic central Heating & Air Conditioning system. These people deserve reliable cooling as much as anyone else, & I was able to capitalize on that need. I provide quality s for a much lower price than any retail outlet can offer. The patron gets a quality product, & I make a nice profit, so everybody wins. I constantly lay behind my work, as well, so if there is any malfunction with the , I repair it for free – unless they caused the mangle themselves.

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