The prefabricated building kept us from getting from getting soaked in the rain

My wife and I got married on a beautiful spring day in april.

We planned to have an outdoor event and we hoped that the weather would be nice.

We chose the weekend before Easter, hoping that all of our friends and family would be able to attend the event. We sent out invitations in February and they had more than 100 people respond with an affirmative yes. I started to wonder what would happen if we ended up with rain on the day of the wedding. I didn’t want all of our guests to get soaking wet and I didn’t want us to get wet on our wedding day either. I contacted a couple of party planning and event hosting centers and I found a couple of people with prefabricated buildings that could be set up on the day of the event. The prefabricated building sounded like a lot of work. It was also very expensive. Instead of getting the prefabricated building, we decided to have a tent erected on the property. The canvas tent was fully enclosed and the canvas was waterproof. When rain started falling later in the afternoon, no one had to worry about getting wet while they were on the dance floor. It’s a really good thing that we thought ahead for rain, because it poured nonstop for three hours and that was almost the entire reception. The tent held up really well. The day after the party, the event staff came to the property and removed the entire structure in an hour.

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