The renter was freaked out by the repairman

My boss gave myself and others the schedule on Monday plus the first task of the morning was going to an older house building on 1st street.

The house building has numerous units.

There are numerous units on the bottom of the building plus numerous units on the top. I had to take the stairs on the outside of the building to get to the apartments that are located upstairs. My boss has been handling this identifiable commercial account for a while. The owner of the house building also has a commercial building downtown. My boss services all of the heating plus cooling units at that building too. I went to the house building and found the unit. I knocked on the door plus there was no answer. I did not have a key to the apartment, but I noticed that the door was open a little bit. I decided to go inside. I announced myself plus I yelled with a loud voice. All of a sudden, I felt something hit myself and others in the back of the head. When I woke up, the renter was dialing 911. I told her that I was there to fix the AC equipment. She told myself and others that the house did not have any AC equipment. There was only heat in her apartment. There was easily no way that could be true. I looked at the maintenance information for the task. I was simply supposed to go to 454 1st street. I was at the right address. I also called my boss to get more information plus he informed myself and others that the address was supposed to be 464.

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