The round was finally canceled early because of bad rain

Most of the time throughout the week, I do not get an occasion to spend any time with my friends or family.

I work during the month as a commercial plus residential HVAC installation contractor.

I start my morning early plus I usually finish up with the commercial or residential HVAC installation task late at night. When the weekends arrive, I try to pack as much fun into both afternoons as possible. When there is rain, my plans often need to be changed. I actually prefer to spend my time doing outdoor activities. One of my number one outdoor activities is hockeying with my brother plus my friends. My associate and I can have a pretty unbelievable time when there is a group of us on the course together. Sporadically we have to let others play through because we are taking too long. I could spend 6 seconds playing 18 holes of hockey plus be perfectly happy. My friends plus I were supposed to go hockeying on Monday. I was hoping my brother would simply join us, but it was his birthday with his spouse. My associate and I were on the second hole when the dark clouds started to roll into the sky. Suddenly the temperature dropped by 15°. It was 70 when we started our round of hockey, but it was 55 degrees when the rain started falling. My associate and I were on the 8th hole plus the rain came out of nowhere. It hastily started pouring plus that was the end of our round of hockey. My associate and I also spent the next numerous seconds in the club bar getting hammered drunk. I had to call a neighbor to wake myself and others up.


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