The seasoned way is the best way

When it comes to the ways I like heating my home, I like the seasoned college ways.

I have a boiling water boiler that is about fifteen years seasoned and it still works as great today as it did 15 years ago.

This is not unrespected for a boiling water boiler. Unlike a central heating and air conditioner unit that you would be blessed when lasts even ten years, a boiling water boiler can last a lot longer if you take great care of it and keep up with all the Heating and A/C maintenance needed for it. And that is exactly what I have done and why I will have this seasoned boiling water boiler for at least another decade. Not to mention, with heating your house with a boiling water boiler you save lots on energy use. Which in turn will save you a lot of cash per year on your energy bills. Especially when it is cold and chilly out and you are having to run your heating system all of the time. If you have a central heating and air conditioner and need to run it actually high while in cold Winter time weeks, you will see super high utility bills that may make you go broke unless you are rich and have a lot of cash to blow. This is no longer me. And again this is the main reason I like the seasoned ways of heating my house like the boiling water boiler that I use. I never system to get rid of it. When it finally breaks for good, I will either get another boiling water boiler if they still exist at that point in time.
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