The sisters owned the HVAC company.

I knew a man whose last name was Sister.

We lived across the street from each other, and he loved sitting outside.

He was a nice guy and he and I would often sit on the porch and chat long into the evening before he moved in with his daughter, almost a hundred miles away. After getting my certification as an HVAC technician, I looked for a permanent position with a local HVAC company. When I saw that the Sisters HVAC company was hiring, I immediately thought of Mr. Sister, who lived across the street, and wondered if they were related. I went to the Sisters HVAC company and put in an application. I didn’t think I would get a response right away, but I was wrong. Two days later, I was called to go in for an interview. The HVAC technicians were friendly when I walked in, and they all asked if I was the new HVAC recruit. I explained I was just there for an interview. The one guy told me that the one sister was a piece of work and if I wasn’t careful, they would chew me up, and spit me out. I thought they were trying to scare me off, and it almost worked. When I sat down in the office, a woman walked in. She was almost six feet tall, and dressed in an HVAC uniform. Two minutes later, two more women walked in. when they said it was the Sisters HVAC Company, they meant it. They were triplets and all HVAC technicians. I got questioned by all of them, and I must have given them the answers they wanted. They hired me that same day.

a/c serviceman