The storm frazzled mother.

Normally, mom doesn’t mind storms, but now that she is getting older, everything bothers her.

Last week, she called me and begged me to come to the house.

A storm had gone through that left her in the dark with no heat. The furnace quit working when the power went off. She was afraid of the dark, and she was cold, so I went to pick her up. I brought her to the house, where we had power. Not that the storm did not affect us, but we had a generator, so we didn’t lose power. We had lights and our furnace was still working. Mom moved into the spare room until the storm blew over and the power was back on. We knew it was no longer safe for her to live alone when a simple power outage had her this frazzled. I tried to talk her into moving in with us, but she was having none of it. She said that once the power came on and she had her furnace running again, she would be okay, but I doubted it. My daughter went into my mom’s room and sat down on the bed to read to her. She told mom she didn’t like it when the lights went out, and how nice it was when mommy and daddy had the generator installed. She can stay warm when the lights go out because the furnace still works, and she can also see to read. I think my daughter was convincing mom to live with us, even if I couldn’t.

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