The tenant kicked in the shed door. (It needed swapped)

I had been considering selling the home building I had owned for several years; I was sleepy of all the toil that goes with being a property owner, not only do I spend my money for all the repairs, but multiple times i end up paying for the repairs that happen when the tenants walk out, then last month, I had a tenant move out in the middle of the night, & I didn’t suppose they were moving, however there were no forwarding addresses, & I was out for three months’ rent. They had kicked the basement door in & I needed a replacement door, but once I got inside the house, I was flabbergasted. The basement wasn’t the only place that needed replacement doors… Every door in the home had been torn from the hinges. I had to call a window replacement company because most of the windows were broken. It floored myself and others to think that someone could do this much injure to someone’s property. Once I found someone who did replacement windows & doors, I had to call someone who did general contracting. I had walls that had large holes in them, & a ceiling that was falling down from a still running bathtub. I never thought 1 of my tenants would be so ignorant to leave a home in this state of disrepair. The worst section of the clean-up, wasn’t even the replacement of doors & windows, or needed a general supplier. I had to hire someone to exterminate the rodents, bedbugs, & roaches. I think it may have been cheaper to have the home condemned & build a current 1.

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