The tremendous and helpful heating company

My heart is always at peace and completes when I help anyone, regardless of race or age.

For that reason, I studied nursing and now work at a senior person’s home taking care of senior citizens.

It is not always laughter and joy at the nursing home. When we lose a patient, we painfully mourn them even if we know death is inevitable. My biggest problem at the nursing home is providing help with indoor comfort regarding heating equipment. We have a heat pump, but my patients always complain of feeling cold, especially during winter. From my medical knowledge, older people and children tend to feel cold more than young people. Therefore even though the staff is not cold, we are not surprised when our patients complain of the opposite. My boss and I had been searching for a reputable heating business to handle the whole-home heating at the nursing home, but we were unsuccessful. We got excited about our entire mission when we got a call from the local heating company. The company found us. It was doing its annual CSR and requested if they could run heater maintenance on our unit and replace it with new heating in case it was no longer efficient. We gladly accepted the offer, and since it was all free, it helped with our budget. The heating technicians knew more about heating from how they handled the unit. The unit needed more efficiency, so we received new equipment from the heating dealer within a few days. These were state-of-the-art equipment, the best in the heating industry. Included was the smart thermostat. The HVAC professionals did the heat pump installation within a few hours, thus significantly increasing indoor comfort. The patients would no longer suffer from the low temperatures.

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