The used AC has been working strong for five years

My wife and I never park our cars in the garage.

Most of the time we spend our time outside.

Both of us use recreational marijuana. We like to smoke weed in the garage instead of inside of the house. Someday we plan to sell the house and we don’t want the resale value to be affected just because we were using recreational marijuana inside of our home. We moved into our house in the spring and in the summer months, we realized that it was going to be way too warm in the garage to continue spending time in that area unless we got an AC unit. We talked to a contractor about our options. The guy suggested a ductless list AC unit, but it was going to cost us $2,500. We had a small window in the garage and I decided to buy a portable AC unit instead. We actually found a portable AC unit on the Facebook marketplace. The guy said that he bought it for his business before he decided to install central cooling. The portable AC looked practically brand new. The owner said that he only used it for a few months. The guy only wanted $300 for the portable AC unit and it was listed online new for $650. That AC unit has been working strong for 5 years. It still blows extremely cold air and works when we need it. The AC unit that we bought on marketplace was probably one of the best deals that we have found to date.

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