The zone controlled Heating and A/C honestly was the cherry on top

If the pandemic taught mom and dad anything it’s that they can adapt and that working from home inside the central a/c of the beach house is okay. Actually, it’s so amazing as that’s where they’re working now. Each morning, they rise well before dawn to start their morning here inside the beach house. Mom and dad can get an early start while the only thing they can hear is the heat pump kicking on. Once we are up, they get us ready, feed us and hurry us off to school. At that point, mom and dad are able to have a cup of Starbucks Coffee and start making the calls and doing the online meetings that they have planned for the day. These afternoons, they’ve taken the skills they honed from all those years inside the commercial Heating and A/C of a corporate office and are doing work for themselves. That’s the other thing that the pandemic did for them. It helped mom and dad be confident enough to finally take a chance on themselves. The guest room pretty much sat perpetually empty so they took it over and cleared it out. Now, it’s the office that they’ve always wanted with everything that they need to do their tasks. The Heating and A/C technicians helped them out as well when it came to making their new office just perfect. They were able to add zone controlled Heating and A/C to our home so mom and dad now have a control unit right inside their office. This is good because it allows them to work in the sort of a/c they want separate from making the whole home have to adjust to them. The zone controlled Heating and A/C really was the icing on the cake when it came to launching their own supplier and working from their own a/c.
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