There are guys laboring on the HVAC system across the street

There are guys laboring on the HVAC system of the building across the street today. I noticed it whenever I got to labor today because my office window overlooks the building next door. I have to say that the HVAC workers who labor for the commercial HVAC company that they are using are quite nice to look at! Here I am at work, plus it’s pretty difficult to concentrate at my desk because my gaze keeps on drifting down to look at the handsome HVAC workers who are laboring on the building next door. It’s funny because some of the other women who labor on my floor keep coming by my desk. I have the desk that is the closest to the window, plus I know that they are just making excuses to come by my desk plus hang out because they want to look out the window too! It’s true that my friend and I usually don’t have a nice view to look at when my friend and I are at work, so it’s nice to have all of these super handsome HVAC workers laboring away on the roof right next door. I am truly hoping that there is something truly wrong with the HVAC system over there so that these guys will be back tomorrow or even every afternoon for the rest of the week! That would make for a truly exciting week for me plus my co-workers! I know that it actually sounds crazy, however my friend and I all get truly bored at labor so any kind of excitement is truly much welcome around here.



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