There are reasons that I don’t want radiant heated floors

When it comes to luxurious radiant floors I feel they are easily nice and totally awesome! I have a neighbor who has luxurious radiant floors so I had a chance to experience exactly what they are all about… Then however, luxurious radiant floors are not for myself and others no matter how nice they are! The reason for this is because in order to have luxurious radiant floors you need to have wood or granite flooring with no carpet, and I enjoy our carpeting too much to get rid of it for anything, however plus I do not have wood or granite flooring.

It is all granite underneath our carpeting, but so not only would I have to ditch our carpeting which I would never do….

But even if I did it would require too much cost in construction to lay wood or granite flooring throughout our home. I will admire the luxurious radiant floors our neighbor has from afar, however I will never be getting luxurious radiant floors for our own home. They just are not for myself and others because of the whole set up. They also do not fit our lake modern home or our lifestyle… However, for me, I am glad to have a portable section heating system and our central heating and air conditioner method component to take care of all our Wintertime heating needs, however with the portable section heating system I can still save money on energy bills and enjoy luxurious radiant floors. I just use our portable section heating system along with our central heating and air conditioner method and alternate between the 2 at peculiar times of the day and it works out all the same!
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