There was mold in my bedroom closet.

I was doing some early spring cleaning to make room for the gifts I had bought for Christmas.

I had all my old clothes out for charity and was putting them in a pile when I noticed a dark spot in the back of my closet.

I wasn’t sure what it was, but my mind instantly went to mold. I called the HVAC company and told them I thought I had black mold in my closet. I took all my clothing out of the closet and washed them in special detergent, and kept the closet door open until the HVAC technician arrived. It was just a small patch of mold, but he said it looked like I may have a leak around the chimney. That meant I had to have my roof repaired to keep the leak from coming down the chimney. I also had a nasty draft in the closet. I would have thought the air movement would have kept the mold at bay, but I was wrong. He checked out the walk-in closet and said there was an air vent in there, but it wasn’t letting air in. When he opened the air vent, he chuckled. He asked if I had lost anything lately. There was a blouse stuck in the air vent. I remember putting it down there one night because of the air coming through the air vent, and I was afraid it would take the color out of my black dress. He said if I hadn’t put the blouse in the air vent to block the air, I may not have the mold, and I was lucky it hadn’t caused a fire.



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