There was money inside the air duct

I appreciate going to police auctions! My last more than two cars have come from police auctions, and many of my home appliances.

How it works is that in this state all of us have a rule called “asset forfeiture” which basically means if you get busted for being a drug dealer, the cops can seize all of your assets.

The thinking is that things bought with drug money should be taken by the state. Once or twice a year they auction everything off. To get to the point of this, I bought a small condo at the police auction, and it came with a few surprises. After I had the home inspected by a general corporation I called in an Heating and A/C corporation to look at the central system. Mike and I knew each other back in high college, and I was proud to see that he ran his own Heating and A/C corporation now. He and I took a look at the system, and inside a single of the air ducts all of us found a couple of guns. Neither a single of us touched them, just left them in the HVAC duct and called the cops to come and get them. As far as all of us knew they were evidence of some kind of crime! When the cops came to get the guns, they found a bucket of currency and drugs deeper in the HVAC duct. I’m ecstatic they took it all, because quite frankly if I found a sack of money in the air ducts I would have wanted to keep it for myself. It’s my house, I should keep what I find in it, right?


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