There were hornets everywhere.

The last time a hornet stung my partner, he almost died… Within minutes of getting stung, he couldn’t breathe, and I had to rush him to the hospital, but an hour later, they were resuscitating him when his heart stopped, and twice through the night, he went into cardiac distress again, and he almost died.

Whenever I see any kind of bee near him, I panic.

When he came into the condo out of breath and nearly panicking, I had to find out what was wrong; He finally calmed enough to tell myself and others he saw a hornet’s nest by the garage, and it covered the top of the entrance where the oil delivery was made… I didn’t want him to get rid of the hornet’s nest on his own and told him to wait more than one afternoons, then our child wasn’t allergic to bees, and he would exterminate the nest from the house. Two afternoons later, it was raining, and the nest had more than doubled in size! My partner waited until there was a lull in the storm and went outside with the hornet spray. When our child showed up, he was angry. He couldn’t guess his father wouldn’t wait another hour for him to get condo from work. He had a neighbor of his who was an exterminator and they had everything they needed to eliminate the hornets. I had never heard my child talk back to his dad, but he was so angry that his father would risk his life instead of waiting for an hour that he yelled at him. Our child was angry, and I would have yelled too, if I had seen him poking at the hornet’s nest to get the bees out so he could spray them.
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