They decided that they wanted to eat some pizza

Last month, Cate and Drew bought an item from a major electronics store, and went to pick it up.

After they got the package, they were hungry, and opted to eat some pizza for supper.

But Cate and Drew are pizza snobs. They just don’t eat any pizza that they come across. It has to be a wonderful pizza that has wonderful reviews from the patrons. They knew of a pizza diner in the area. But, Cate and Drew decided to just search to see if there was another diner that was closer to the store. Fortunately, they found a spot with a 4.8-star rating. Cate and Drew were instantaneously fixated on this diner as those are high ratings, especially for a locale that they had never heard about. Anyway, they drove to the shopping section where the pizza locale was situated, and were shocked to see so many storefronts that were advertising office space for rent. The shopping section was big and filled with stores. Obviously multiple stores closed in the last couple of years. There were more than 7 office for rent signs that they were able to count. Cate and Drew found out that the pizza diner has been there for 13 years, so the shopping section has been there for at least that amount of time. The office section for rent signs were scattered in many parts of the strip mall and some of the signs were for greater spaces. This means that the store was perhaps a major chain that didn’t survive the pandemic. But one thing’s for sure, there won’t be an office to rent a sign where the pizza diner is situated because it was one of the best pizzas they’ve had in their city.

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