They managed to install the best in residential Heating and A/C

Okay, in all honesty, Justin was resistant from the beginning when it came to selling their beach house.

He just didn’t want to move and that’s the simple truth.

Justin is not much into change. He prefers to get up in the morning, adjust the control unit and take a shower. Then, he gets ready for work and heads to the office. Justin does his thing inside the commercial Heating and A/C of the office all afternoon and then it’s back home for dinner, relaxes for an hour and then hits the sack. Justin has enjoyed repeating that routine over and over again in the decades that they have lived in that beach house. But, he knew Leila was right about selling the property. For one, the chances of their being this perfect real estate market again in the next few years was doubtful. And they had always viewed their home as the greatest of their investments. So this was the payoff and they needed to act. Justin got on board but he was dragging his feet the whole way. Like when the realtor came up with some improvements. This included replacing the Heating and A/C device and putting in new kitchen appliances were going to be cost outlays that he wasn’t prepared to make. Justin pushed back and they put the home on the market as it was. It sat there and the only offers they gained were well below market value and their asking price. So, Justin contacted the Heating and A/C technician to have her help them out of this mess he put them in. They were able to add the best in residential Heating and A/C that came with all sorts of cool Heating and A/C technology. They had an offer above the asking price days after making those improvements.
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