They must have needed the undefined more than I did

Last weekend I had a killer get-together, & now I am paying the price for it.

I suppose that it is constantly a small risk to have a big get-together.

When you have a small get-together of friends & family, these worries don’t exist. But when strangers wander through my home, I constantly do things care about lock up my jewelry & hide the pills in my medicine cabinet… just in case. I did all of this for the last get-together, however I underquoted how shady people can be. I must say I am really stunned that someone had the nerve to steal my My back family room was an add-on to the house, when I walled up a patio, so it is not connected to the main Heating & Air Conditioning plan or any of the air ducts. I purchased a window mounted cooling system unit for that room, which was the same room I used to store people’s coats & trifolds for the get-together. No a single reported any trifolds being stolen, however for some reason a no-good thief stole the right out of my window. I am not that frustrated about losing the cooling system unit itself, because it only costs a couple hundred bucks to upgrade, & I rarely use the room anyway. It is the fact that someone came into my house, loved my hospitality, & then had the nerve to steal the I can only imagine that they were in such desperate need of cooling at house that they needed it more than I did.

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