They spent a month traveling across the continent

The getaway was simply amazing.

Kelly and Ryan spent a month traveling across the continent. They ate the finest foods, slept in the nicest hotels, and even spent a week camping under the stars. It was literally a dream come true, but all nice things must end, as the saying goes. When they returned home, everything was in disarray. Since Kelly and Ryan have pets, they asked their buddy Steve to look in on them every morning. The pets were happy, but there was an issue with the cooling system. Ryan tested the control equipment and saw that it had been cranked all the way down to 68 degrees. Thanks to this being a smart control equipment he could pull up all the recent data. He saw that the settings had been changed a while back. Kelly and Ryan asked Steve why he had turned on the cooling system, and set it to such a low temp. Steve said that the animals seemed to be quite uncomfortable so he adjusted the air conditioner to help them. Ryan told Steve that by lowering the air conditioner settings by almost 20 degrees he had overworked the system. Now their cooling system was broken, and it was 100% his fault. Steve is one of those boneheads who thinks that animals have the same feelings as humans, and since he felt the A/C should be lower he assumed the animals felt the same way. Kelly and Ryan learned their lesson, and will never let Steve take care of their pets or air conditioning ever again.

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