They were all out of air filters

That I would have understood

When I went down to our local hardware store to find a furnace filter I could not know they were all sold out! I then went to our local HVAC outlet store thinking they should have a lot of furnace filters for sale, but when I got there they were also sold out. This was just not our lucky morning, I guess. I could not find a furnace filter for sale anywhere in our local area. So our last plus final step was to get online to order a new furnace filter that was for sale plus then pay for the shipping on top of it. This made me have to pay nearly double for a furnace filter! All because at the local stores I would usually buy at they did not carry a furnace filter for sale. They were all sold out for some entirely weird reason. I do not understand why this is. Was it just the furnace filter buying week maybe? The furnace filters were not discounted or anything. That I would have understood. But with the furnace filters not discounted plus them being sold out was just mind boggling. If this happens the next time I need to buy an air filter for our gas furnace, I will easily just buy a whole bunch of bulk furnace filters online so I don’t have to worry about it for a whole entire year! It entirely aggravated me that I could not find a proper furnace filter for sale in our local area. We shall see what will happen the next time I have to head out plus find a furnace filter for sale.

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