This year the two of us had an exceptionally freezing Winter time & Springtime

I wasn’t focused at all on the weather when I was young & in college.

I didn’t easily care if there were hurricanes poised to hit our area or if the two of us were going to have freezing temperatures overnight & into the following morning.

Whenever I wasn’t at apartment letting our parents worry about these things, I was safe in our dorm room at college letting the college administrators worry about them. Hurricane Sandy came & went while the two of us were in this time, & I only vaguely remember some tropical storm strength weather before the storm headed northward toward New York, NJ, & New The UK. I had a neighbor living in Brooklyn at the time & he told myself and others that the bottom levels of his house building flooded from storm surge. They had to shelter in location for many days until the water levels receded enough where they could get out safely & get to a shelter. These days I’m consistently checking our weather app, especially while the two of us were in extreme storm season. It’s not just hurricanes & tropical storms, the two of us will get a storm cell off the ocean that picks up serious strength from the sizzling water before blasting us with wind & rain when it comes ashore. These storms will often yield tornadoes & waterspouts. While the two of us experienced the start of storm season, the two of us were still experiencing Winter time weather in early Springtime. And throughout the Springtime season, temperatures hovered in the 40s & 50s with some afternoons dipping into the high 20s with light snowfall. I had to use the heating idea more this year than in any of the prior many years living in this house.


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