Time for my naturally controlled ride through the weather

I’ve had this flu thing for a few afternoons now, and as I type, I notice my vision is blurrier than usual.

I’m guessing it’s because of the virus, and hopefully the blurriness will go away once it’s gone.

My right eye is much worse than my left, despite the fact that I also have astigmatism in that eye, which could be exacerbated by the flu. I hope that is the case and that my vision hasn’t gotten any worse in the last few afternoons of my life; if so, a trip to the local business to get my eyeah checked is in order. I also need to have my teeth checked because I’m having dental issues. As my heating tech neighbor pointed out, I need to start taking better care of myself and slowing down a bit so my body doesn’t wear out. I have been extremely hard on this body, and I am amazed that it is still functioning after 56 years on the planet, especially given all of the skydiving landing accidents I had when I was swooping for a living. The local corporation was also a swooper who died in a swooping accident, and if you don’t know what swooping is, take a look on YouTube and you’ll see why my body has a lot of miles on it. My colleague and I used to swoop not only on water but also on land, which was where the pain with rough landings came from. Now I only do heating and air conditioning repairs and service, and I’ve retired from swooping.


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