Today We Install a Whole Home Air Purifying System

I got fed up with my dust allergies last week and went online to solve the problem.

I ended up buying a whole home air purifier and it was delivered today.

We are going to have it installed in a couple of hours and I should be in good shape when I wake up tomorrow. We are waiting for the HVAC rep to arrive and his HVAC tech associate to help him install it. They said it will be installed by the end of today and they gave us a PPM meter to measure the air quality before and after they install it. I guess we need to run it for a day or two before we get a clear idea of how well it is working. I’ve never had one in my house before so this should be a good test to see how well they clean the air and how much it improves my allergies. I run the central HVAC system with its HEPA filter but it doesn’t seem to get all of the dust from the air so hopefully this thing does. I would like to ditch the allergy meds and not have to rely on them anymore as I’ve been doing for so many years. They said that the air purifier has the best HEPA filter on the market and with its latest technology it will remove almost all of the contaminants in the air. I have a fireplace which I use sometimes and they said it would also help keep the air clean of smoke, so that is an added bonus.

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