Tomorrow is here

When we really think about HVAC technology, it is obvious that the future is here. About 10 years ago half of the stuff from heating and air conditioning technology that we have today was unimaginable. It is really mind blowing when we think about all the high technological things we have in the world of heating and air conditioning today. Things like radiant heated floors for instance. Who ever thought that you would be able to have heating coming out of your floors! That I would have never imagined 10 years or so ago. Then we have smart thermostats where you can control your central heating and air conditioning system from anywhere in the entire world via an app on your cell phone or computer. That is just super mind blowing! When it comes to heating and air conditioning technology I can say that the future is most definitely here. Or should I say, tomorrow is here. And what is coming next? I can only imagine the amazing things that are on the horizon for heating and air conditioning in the coming years. I could voice some thoughts, but if I do I may have them stolen and not get credit if they are good ones that can be put into the future of heating and air conditioning technology. I am just so blown away by all that we have today in the world of heat and a/c. It will keep on getting better and better for sure. There is no question in the whole wide world about it. Take that as a hard fact!


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