Took the right tool to find the Heating, Ventilation and A/C bandit

I’m not exactly the handiest of people. So our tool collection is pretty sparse. Actually, most of it I’ve had for all of our adult life. Dad gave myself and others most all of it. I suppose I was quite a disappointment to our dad in the mechanical vein. She was regularly out in the garage or in the basement laboring on some sort of project. Where I was pretty studious plus stuck to our books inside the of our home office. So when I was in university plus just after, dad was regularly giving myself and others tools. Which was sort of like giving a five year old a chemistry set. Anyway, I really don’t suppose all that much about fixing stuff or even diagnosing problems. When it comes to stuff like heating plus cooling, I live that to the Heating, Ventilation and A/C professionals. But when it came to a draft I couldn’t find that was costing myself and others money in the winter, I was on our own. And dad would be so proud because I went online to the Heating, Ventilation and A/C company website plus l gained that I needed the right tool for the job. So I went to the hardware plus bought a thermal gun. It can read the temperature of the air or whatever you point it at. And with that right tool, I found the one window that wasn’t correctly insulated when all of us had the double panes installed. Once I had the window people come out plus do it right, the house was so cozy that I could hardly recognize it. My wifey could hardly recognize it either as that might have been the first thing I fixed around the house ever.