Top Notch HVAC plan

Not too long ago, I was walking around my floor in the office building at work, and every single Person was either wearing a sweater, wearing a sweater, wrapped up in a blanket, or running a little portable heater.

That is actually crazy! Why do not they just turn the control machine hotter? I suppose this is a question for the age.

I have never worked in an office building that had the Heating and Air Conditioning settings set just perfectly, then someone is always hot, and someone is always cold. Although in this case, on this particular afternoon, there was no a single who was not using some sort of heater. I, personally, had my little portable furnace plugged in. I keep a sweater hanging on the back of my door, however I just didn’t assume love wearing that, so I used my furnace instead. Anyway, as I walked around and saw people battling the chilly as if they were outside, it occurred to myself and others that if all of us simply could figure out how to get top-notch Heating and Air Conditioning in all the office buildings in the country, all of us would have no more problem with the environment. That might be a stretch of the imagination, however you must admit that having an blowing and little gas furnaces blowing at the same time all throughout the building is a disappointing waste of energy. Every one of us are always worried about saving the environment, having a smaller carbon footprint, taking mass transit instead of driving, Etc, and yet here all of us all are working in buildings that are chilly chilly for no obvious reason. I actually am going to have a talk with our operations manager to see if there is something all of us can do about the heating and cooling situation so that I do not assume so guilty about killing the planet every afternoon while I am working.



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