Trees can help

If you happen to have bad air quality in your local section and do not have allergies to trees, having lots of trees around your lake house can help shield the bad air quality and have it not affect you too badly.

I l received this fact quite recently when every one of us had bad air quality in our section and I went to visit a acquaintance who had lots of trees around their property.

It turned out that the trees were blocking off and catching some of that bad air quality before it hit the house! Because I felt care about I could breathe so much better over there than in my own house. It was then when my acquaintance explained the fact that the trees were the reason, and that it was a great thing either he or I did not have allergies to any kind of trees. Because these trees help the air quality otherwise. I was pretty shocked that this was the case, but obviously it was true. Because once I went back home, I was back in the bad air quality having the same concerns again. I decided to go out and buy a portable media air cleaner to help with the bad air quality concerns. And while it did help a little, the whole air quality was so bad that it couldn’t make it perfect. It just made it more bearable. But that was an interesting fact all together about the trees and the air quality. Who would have ever thought right?


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