Trying again

If you fail, try, try again, as the saying goes.

I totally agree with this! This saying proved true when I first went to school to become a certified HVAC specialist. My first try, I failed the final exam, preventing me from getting my HVAC certification! Rather than give up, and ending up working in some store or call center, making minimum wage the rest of my life, I decided to reinvest my money. I took another shot at it. Well, the second time was the charm! I passed my final exam, and now I’m one of the top HVAC technicians in my area. I’m an independent specialist owning my own little HVAC company. Had I given up, this would never have happened. I would have ended up a bum on the street, to be honest. It was worth every penny to take the course twice. It just turned out that because they move so fast in HVAC school, I wasn’t able to keep up the first time. I needed longer to learn everything I needed to in order to get my vital HVAC certification. So, take this as a lesson, never give up at whatever you try to do. Even if you fail a few times. The next time, you’ll pass!


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