Trying to improve hydration habits

I have trouble drinking the recommended amount of water per day.

  • I blame my poor hydration habits on hard water while I was growing up.

My family had well water that was orange in color and tasted and smelled terrible. Way back then, bottled water wasn’t common or popular. My mother never would have purchased something that was available for free from the tap. I never got accustomed to drinking water throughout the day. I am not a fan of the taste, and I rarely recognize that I feel thirsty. I frequently suffer the symptoms of dehydration. I get such severe headaches that I need to lie down. I deal with chills, fever and nausea. Several times I have thrown up or passed out. As I’ve gotten older, the consequences of insufficient water intake have become more severe. I make an effort to carry a water bottle around with me but forget to sip out of it. I’ve needed to make good hydration habits part of my daily exercise program. I workout every morning for approximately an hour. I incorporate all different types of high intensity cardio, stretching and strength training into the regimen. I listen to music the whole time and typically change up the exercise at the end of each song from my playlist. I now make myself take a drink of water between every song. I drink at least one full 16-ounce bottle of water during the workout. I have also purchased a specialized hydration power that I mix into a water bottle to consume at the conclusion of the workout. Even if I forget to take another sip of water all day, at least I got a good start to the day.



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