Trying to scrub up the house

To help spend our money our way through Heating plus Air Conditioning trade university I started growing marijuana plants in our garage plus our spare study room.

I was not a major cannabis outlet, however I grew plus sold enough to spend our money our expenses as I finished up our certification program. When I was done with university I kept on selling weed for a few months, because at this point it was easy currency. The time came when I had to get harsh about our career plus transport away from cannabis, then after I sold the last of our plants plus growing equipment, I turned all of our attention to the indoor air quality, because our home smelled care about a pot field! Since I had just become certified in Heating plus Air Conditioning systems maintenance plus repair, I was well adept at handling this particular problem. Natural ventilation handled the worst of the harsh aromas, plus vastly improved the indoor air quality. The smokey smells of weed had also permeated the rugs plus the drapes, which all needed to be cleaned by hand… Using scented candles plus an UV air purifier in the main room detachd the rest of the aroma, plus our home smelled fresher than ever before. It was only when the air quality was pure plus crisp did I realize that I missed the smell of marijuana. My air duct was so scrub at this point that the air vents smell care about Febreze! I believe this air quality is better for our health, however I had to start smoking pot in the apartment just to make it smell nice.


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