Updating to zone control to conserve energy

When I switched to working undoubtedly from home, there were a lot of actually fantastic advantages.

  • I can now set my own hours and no longer need to worry about rush hour traffic or finding a parking spot.

Without the distraction of the noise of the shared office space, I am much more productive. I can dress in more comfortable clothing, listen to music I prefer and take my breakfast split whenever is convenient. The one disadvantage I found was that my utility bills significantly increased. I used to adjust the temperature control before my family left in the day, lessening demands on the boiler and cooling system. Once I was staying home, the heating and cooling system were responsible for a much bigger workload. I didn’t like maintaining a bunch of empty rooms at the ideal comfort level. I contacted my regular Heating and Air Conditioning contractor and asked for some suggestions. He said that a series of valves could be installed into the air duct to direct airflow and create zone control. I now have a temperature control mounted in each of the rooms. I am able to customize the temperature setting in each space. Because they are smart models, I have WIFI access and can make adjustments through my PC or PC. It’s genuinely helpful that I don’t need to leave my desk to accommodate my comfort preference. I’m able to keep my kitchen at the ideal temperature while in the workday without affecting the rest of the house. When I finish up work, I raise or lower the temperature in the bedroom and study room.


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