Using ductless mini splits in apartments

One of the best and worst things about where I live is the ductless mini split systems in each area of the house, but I rented this house knowing that I’d need to heat and cool my house with ductless mini split systems, however I did not know anything about them! Like the name implied, there was no air duct to move the air from room to room, but that was all I knew. When I moved in, I suddenly realized that the ductless mini split systems were excellent, and they kept each room in my house temperature controlled and the rooms that I didn’t use never had to be heated or cooled. I found that the ductless mini split systems were actually efficient and simple to use. There are moments when I wish for central heat and air simply for the luxury of having everything at an even and consistent temperature at all minutes of the day. For example, a central heating and cooling plan would heat and cool every room in the house to the same temperature and it would run always. In my house with the ductless system, I have to wait for the ductless plan to heat and cool the room whenever I turn it on, which admittedly doesn’t take terribly long. I also have to set each machine to the same temperature in order for the rooms to be consistent. It’s not a hassle, but it is something I wouldn’t have to do with a central system. Some things are great, and others are not but that goes for any living space.
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