Waiting for Heating and A/C for our apartment

It’s been numerous hours! The Heating and A/C worker should’ve been here at 10 am however it’s 1 pm currently.

  • The Heating and A/C contractor called myself and others and said he is stuck on another task toiling on someone’s broken furnace.

This does not help myself and others though, i have plans and need to prepare for our wifey’s surprise party. I never have any issues with the heating and cooling contractor however today is honestly substantial that I am on schedule and so far I am behind. I called her sibling so I do have someone making sure both of us are good although I still want to be involved with this party as much as possible, but her sibling was supposed to take her out for brunch and a motion picture however with the Heating and A/C worker running late she canceled on our wifey. The reason she canceled is that she is making sure the surprise party is all set up since I can’t get there unluckyly… So now I have to come up with some other way to get her out. I might have to call our mom and see if she can do something with her. I believe I should reschedule because this is just a service visit however who knows maybe it will cut down tomorrow and I would be more frustrated if I didn’t have the heating and worker come out today. I keep staring out the window hoping to see the Heating and A/C van pull into our driveway or see it driving down our road. I am starting to pace however then all of a sudden I hear our doorbell go off. He’s here and I am ecstatic I waited! Let’s make this a quick visit I ask.


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