Waiting for HVAC for my house

It’s been several hours! The HVAC technician should’ve been here at 10 am but it’s 1 pm currently.

The HVAC company called me and said he is stuck on another job working on someone’s broken furnace.

This doesn’t help me though. I have plans and need to prepare for my wife’s surprise party. I never have any problems with the heating and cooling company but today is very important that I’m on schedule and so far I’m behind. I called her sister so I do have someone making sure we are good but I still want to be involved with this party as much as possible. Her sister was supposed to take her out for dinner and a movie but with the HVAC technician running late she canceled on my wife. The reason she canceled is that she is making sure the surprise party is all set up since I can’t get there unfortunately. So now I have to come up with some other way to get her out. I might have to call my mom and see if she can do something with her. I feel I should reschedule because this is just a maintenance visit but who knows maybe it will break down tomorrow and I would be more upset if I didn’t have the heating and technician come out today. I keep staring out the window hoping to see the HVAC van pull into my driveway or see it driving down my road. I’m starting to pace but then all of a sudden I hear my doorbell go off. He’s here and I’m glad I waited. Let’s make this a quick visit I ask.

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