Warm apartment floors

When I was searching for a new apartment, I was overwhelmed by the places to choose from and how competitive it was.

Despite having hundreds of apartments available, there were a lot of other people trying to find a house and things were tense. I would see a house I enjoyed only for it to be rented to someone else before the day was even over! At one point, I felt like I was grasping at straws and simply trying to get anything because I was running out of time. I ended up getting a house that was small however in a fantastic area. As I was moving in, I discovered things that I hadn’t noticed before, the floors throughout the house were heated! The landlord had completely renovated the house a few years prior and he had radiant heat added underneath the floors as an expensive touch, however he knew that his children would live in the house one day, which was why he made an overpriced investment to add the radiant flooring. This was extremely lucky for me. The town where I was living experienced rough winters, so the radiant heated flooring would be a nice touch. I knew I couldn’t afford to keep the heat on all day long, however it would be really nice to feel the warmth on some of the coldest, bitterest days. I really lucked out with this house because I don’t think anyone else with radiant flooring in their apartments within my budget.


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