Ways to Stay Cool

Relax, read, sip a cool drink, or admire your container plants and flowers in your sunroom.

In some climates, a sunroom can get quite hot in the summer, so it may be necessary to cool off every now and then.

A ceiling fan or a portable fan may be all you need. The problem has been solved. There may be times when you want the air to be a little chillier. In the past, portable or window air conditioners have been relatively inexpensive and did not require ductwork. Typically, they were noisy and intrusive. Air conditioner manufacturers have worked to overcome these negatives over the past few years, so you can find models that cool effectively and aren’t as noisy. In fact, modern window units have a more attractive appearance than older versions, so you don’t necessarily mind having one in your house. Make sure you shop around. You might find the perfect portable or window unit for the summer. The portable can be removed from the window or parked in the garage once you’re done with it. Ductless mini splits are becoming increasingly popular among U.S. homeowners. Without ducts, heat pumps distribute conditioned air. The compressor/condenser outside and the air handler inside are connected by a conduit with refrigerator lines and wiring. Mini splits make it easier to cool/heat small spaces without having to extend ductwork. It’s compact, quiet, and easy to mount, so it’s not intrusive.

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