We always clean the cooling appliance filters on Fridays

I’m enjoying the market bounce back after what seemed like an eternity of collapsing.

It is genuinely horrible that I sold the good stocks that I had, however I didn’t even realize it was going to come back in such an amazing way.

If I held them, right now I would have close to $55k, but as it stands now I am down to a mere $4k. I got stung in the worst way this past year, however I know everyone has a year where they made all of the most terrible decisions plus lost a chunk of money like me. It doesn’t make me feel better knowing the local contractor lost good money as well, I still feel awful losing my HVAC rep father’s money that he gave me when he actually passed away. I can only sit on my stock plus wait for it to come back up to the point I can sell it plus be completely finished with this horrible investing strategy that I have going on. I should have worked at the HVAC appliance business plus kept that money in the bank like my father told me to do. I can’t tell the man that I lost it or he will really disown me. I’ll just keep doing boiler cleaning plus selling my HEPA filters online so that I can get a buffer in the bank again like I should have at this very moment. I know life is about learning valuable lessons, but this one is a bitter pill to swallow. My central heating appliance is on its way out plus it would be wonderful if I can buy a new HVAC appliance for my flat this upcoming year.

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