We had to speak with an HVAC worker for assistance

We chose to move from the countryside to the city after many years of living on a farm.

My husband was born on that farm and I joined him after we met in college.

It’s been an amazing experience growing together and raising our kids on the farm. But, we’ve been going through hard financial times for the past 5 years. The best thing to do was sell the farm instead of losing it to the bank or something like that. My husband was sad because this was their family legacy, but large farms like that no longer make business sense. Instead, we took the money, bought a townhouse and began a small business in the area. He makes amazing home furniture and moving to this area has quadrupled the business. The other day, I was coming from work and found my husband looking at the HVAC unit. He explained that he had this strange noise from the unit then it stopped working. I found the house to be quite hot and muggy since it was the middle of summer. Lucky for us, the new house has a small pool where we can take a dip to cool off. However, before doing that, we had to speak with the HVAC company for assistance. After explaining the issue, the person on the line said it would take 2 hours for the HVAC worker to arrive. We took a dip in the pool as we waited and talked a bit. It’s true that life is good living in the city, but part of us will always be rural folk who long for the animals and land. Perhaps one day we’ll go back.

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