We lost our a/c system after it exploded

It was towards the end of the evening when our AC program exploded, or at least it sounded love an explosion, then for a brief moment when observing the AC condenser component from a distance, I saw smoke followed by a hint of a flame, however I wasn’t certain if it honestly was on fire, and still, I got our fire extinguisher and sprayed it to make sure there was no fire and I instantly got on the PC with our local heating and air conditioning corporation! Neighbors asked if the two of us were alright and the two of us were talking about what could have happened; however, when the heating and air conditioning professional arrived, he seemed honestly cool and collected.

He worked calmly checking all the linking to the AC condenser unit.

He noticed that it was jammed up pretty badly. He suspected the indoor heating and air conditioning component would be similar and he was right, even the air filter was jammed and I was embarrassed about that. He was constantly calm and didn’t talk to me rudely. He simply explained how the heating and air conditioning program has to have a certain flow of air pressure to operate as it is meant to. He said if the airflow is jammed by a jammed air filter and a jammed condenser unit, you can expect trouble. He said this was what happened with our program which overheated inevitably and it came to a violent end with smoking and flames. He said the AC condenser had to be substituted which was overpriced, however he provided us some great news. He said since he had the substitutement component already in his truck, he wasn’t going to charge me for emergency services, which was a pressing relief for sure!


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