We managed to find an available HVAC technician

We’ve been together since high school.

That was about 20 years ago.

Yes, it’s such a long time, but we feel like it was just the other day when we met. My partner and I know how lucky we are that we still love and cherish one another after such a long time. There was a period when we broke up and she moved abroad for work. But, we later met in the weirdest way and it seems like the universe wanted us to be. Here we are many years later still making each other happy. The other day, my partner called me at work to explain there was an issue with the HVAC unit. Even after all these years, she always phones me if there’s an appliance or issue that needs fixing in the house. I had to phone the HVAC company for assistance, but unfortunately, they were busy. We’d have to wait a few days for an available HVAC technician to come by our home. Knowing my partner so well, living in a house without proper air conditioning was her nightmare. I’d rather keep searching for an available HVAC technician in the area to service my unit. Eventually, we managed to find an available HVAC technician after she offered to help with the search. He was at the house in under an hour and did an excellent job sorting out the faulty AC. Hearing my partner happy was the best thing since now she’d not have to fuss about the heat. We opted to save the contact details for the HVAC technician since he’d been so effective at his job.


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