We put a do-it-yourself page on the HVAC website.

Every once in a while, our team comes up with some good ideas.

I have team meetings once a week at our HVAC company.

All the HVAC technicians and the rest of the employees have a lunch meeting, on me. We have pizza, or some other take out food that sounds good to most of the people, and take orders from everyone else. We sit down and discuss the work orders that are sitting on the secretary’s desk and how we want to handle them. There was also a discussion about the HVAC website this past week. We had a customer call in and ask about a FAQs page. It had been so long since I looked at our HVAC website that I forgot we had one. I asked if anyone understood what a FAQs page was, and why we almost lost a customer over one. One of our guys is pretty computer savvy, and he said it was a Frequently Asked Questions page. It usually goes along with a do-it-yourself page. They help the homeowner do small repairs on their own. At the very least, they can learn to tell us what is wrong without a lot of noise making and hesitation. It makes the HVAC technician’s job easier. When I asked if anyone knew how to create these pages, the same guy raised his hand. He told me his sister was a website developer and he could ask for her help. He gave me her number and said he’d call for me, but she was already going to call him about the HVAC website.
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