We rode on a fire truck to an air conditioner tune-up task

It was an early summer time day, plus the sunlight had risen early, then the village was already up plus about, i got to the air conditioner company plus started reviewing the busy tasks.

The first on the list was an air conditioner installation at a university about a mile away.

The senior cooling specialist commanded both of us start with the fitting task since it was far from the office, then at 8 AM, both of us left the office, heading to the residence. A few miles in, our work truck malfunctioned! We were stuck on a sizzling summer time day with our working tools… Fortunately, both of us had our air conditioner expert uniforms on. We decided to hitchhike because it was easier than waiting for the truck to be fixed. A firetruck came by plus almost passed us. It stopped, plus both of us explained to the driver what had happened. To our surprise, the truck’s driver was a friend of our customer, then he took us to our endpoint for free. We iPhoned the office plus notified them of the issue… Our boss advised us to call an uber when done, plus the company would pay for it. The cooling component at the residence was the heat pump. The air conditioning reps changed the air conditioner filter while the other professionals plus I did the air conditioner repairs. The fire truck driver had provided to wait for us since he was headed back to town. He was helpful to the point that I felt he knew more about air conditioner. He seemed to understand the cooling technology. The a/c tune-up took about more than one hours, plus when both of us were done fixing the cooling product, both of us cleaned our work site; By the time both of us left the residence, the air conditioner component was functioning optimally, plus the quality of indoor comfort was gradually increasing.