We turned a television into an air purifier

We turned a television into an air purifier one afternoon when we realized we would die if we did not.

The government is still gone, and people have lost their minds.

On top of this, the pollution has gotten so bad in cities that anyone who does not have an air purifier in their home will die at a young age. The biggest problem is that most air purifiers have been stolen by the HVAC thieves and raiders who take people’s air conditioners, furnaces, and air purifiers and sell them to desperate people at outrageous prices. My wife and I decided to take apart our television and make it into a UV light air purifier and HEPA air purifier combined. My wife and I are both HVAC technicians, and we have built many hard HVAC units like smart thermostats and central air conditioners. However, we were skeptical if building a UV light air purifier was even possible with a tv. We started by taking apart the TV, and building the air purifier like a standard UV light air purifier. About half way through, we started adding the HEPA air purifier side to the air purifier. When we finished, the only thing we needed was a few air filters. I searched around, but every cooling and heating business was robbed clean of all air filters. I finally had no choice but to purchase a few from the HVAC raiders. I purchased six air purifiers for an outrageous price, but at least we would survive. And our UV light air purifier and HEPA air purifier would work.

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