We were thinking about the old portable space heaters

We were thinking the other afternoon about the ancient portable space heaters and the modern day portable units.

And we have to say that the ancient portable space heaters were big. They weren’t so portable the way we remember them. We recall having one in the family bathroom growing up that was used to heat the bathroom when we took showers. If anyone wanted to relocate that thing it was not a simple thing like how portable space heaters are today. Back then they were a heavy metal type and heavy. We remember having to relocate that portable or so called portable space heater with many hands. When we got it to where it needed to be moved to we felt like we just had a mini work out. We would not call that a portable space heater at all. Today, portable space heaters are made of heat resistant plastic. These units are light and are about as small as a little blender. Not to mention the portable space heaters of today are way more powerful than the portable heating units we used to have back in the day. This just goes to show how heating and cooling technology has changed over the years. We do not miss the older portable heaters one bit and are super glad that today we have the portable space heater that we do. They are so much better and truly portable space heaters. We wonder if they will get even better?

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