Weather sometimes affects workouts

I live just far enough south that I no longer deal with sub-zero temperatures or snow.

For most of the year, the weather in my local area is just perfect.

My husband and I leave the doors and windows open to enjoy the fresh breeze. We can step outside in shorts and a T-shirt and not need a jacket. I love that I can most often go for a run or ride my bike for a workout. After living in the northern part of the country for over fifty years, I appreciate the ability to exercise outside. I am rarely forced inside due to cold temperatures, rain, snow or excess humidity. I have a lanai built across the back of my house that provides the ideal workout space. Because of a wall constructed of screens, this section is not temperature controlled. The influx of fresh air is typically a benefit. In the middle of the winter, the conditions can become rather chilly. I need to bundle up in layers of clothes and hold off on my workout until the heat of the day. It’s difficult to warm up my muscles and loosen up my joints. I worry about injury. Occasionally, the weather is so cold that I need to exercise inside the house. I don’t have a lot of space, which makes for a disappointing workout. During the peak of the summer heat and humidity, the lanai becomes overheated and sticky. I plug in a box fan, adjust it to the highest speed and stand right in front of it. I am still dripping sweat before I complete my warmup. It is difficult to get motivated and push myself when I feel sluggish.



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