Welcoming air conditioning on the porch

I’m not wild about all the adjustments that I’ve been making when it comes to getting older. But I don’t see many other alternatives so I just keep trying to roll with the punches. Actually, getting old isn’t nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be. I remember leaving the zone controlled HVAC of my office on my last day. As I left that commercial HVAC for the last time with my belongings in a box, I just sat in my car with the air conditioning blasting. It was like it all hit me at once. Even though I had been doing my part in the succession plan for over a year, I was still surprised by the finality of it all. And then, I was just utterly shocked that I could be old enough to retire at all. I think the fact that I’ve always taken fairly good care of myself and remained active played a part in me not feeling my age back then. Well, I’m sure feeling my age now and that comes with some accommodations. My wife and upgraded the residential HVAC and did many other improvement with the idea of selling our home. But once the stuff was done, we realized that we really didn’t want to leave so we stayed put. We have a front porch that looks over our property and is just one of my favorite places. But these days, I’m just too sensitive to heat and cold. So we closed it in with plexi-glass and put a ductless heat pump out there. I can still enjoy the view from my porch but I love having the air conditioning for comfort.

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